Dop Director

As Cameraman and Director of Photography, Daniƫl has worked in genres such as Travel shows, Television magazine shows, Documentaries, Drama and Commercials, over the past 12 years.

Clients sent him travelling into difficult countries all across Africa, doubling up as a Director, DP and Production, knowing that he can bring back not only beautifully shot material but a complete story that was easy to edit and produce.

Daniel has a keen eye for detail and an artistic sense for composition.


Director - MarkLives AdoftheWeek- Savanna Newcomer Showcase Hostage Negotiator

Director - Savanna Newcomer Showcase - Call Centre

DOP - Paralympics Moodpiece Online Sandra Khumalo

CO-DIRECTED - Olympics Launch SA Online

DOP - Paralympics Moodpiece Online Lucas Sithole

DOP - BPL Launch SA Online

DOP - Grillson Kapstadt