Food Stylist

Food stylist, Gillian Johnson has worked across many mediums of the industry for the last 25 years. Studying photography after school, she spent a few years in the manufacturing and design world of fashion where with her visual eye and unique style she entered the world of styling. Known as fashion editor for Style and Fair Lady magazine, Gill went onto merge her love of styling and cooking. Gill’s approach to food styling is organic and uncomplicated. She believes that over perfecting food can be the very thing that kills its appeal. Living in a foodie household where every mealtime is a highly anticipated event, the transition from fashion to food styling has been a totally natural one for Gill.

Fruit & Veg Avo, Mushrooms

Fruit & Veg Bacon, Cheese, Bread, Eggs

Fruit & Veg Biltong, Pepsi

Fruit & Veg Briquettes, Olive Oil, Juice

Fruit & Veg Chicken, Potatoes

Fruit & Veg Fruit Salad

Fruit & Veg Groceries

Fruit & Veg Italian

Fruit & Veg Lamb

Fruit & Veg Mushrooms, Asparagus, Tomatoes

Fruit & Veg Nuts, Grana, Cheddar

Fruit & Veg Paw Paw Orange Pears

Fruit & Veg Pork Packs, Amaboerie

Fruit & Veg Potatoes, Onions

Fruit & Veg Strawberries

Fruit & Veg Vegetable Combo