Louisa is a high end Packs Specialist and Liquids SFX creative having grown her skillset as stills stylist, set dresser, scenic artist, art director and several years ago entering the world of Packs Specialist, Liquids, FMCG, Pharmaceutical and beauty, ice cream, detailed product and pouring shot creation.

A combination of science, art and sheer fearlessness, Louisa calls it performance art, especially having to work with liquid rigs shooting product at high speeds.

Her job is all about attention to the small detail, treating and respecting the product integrity and making it perform like a million dollars in front of camera.

Brands Louisa works with :: Häagen Dasz, Amstel, Heineken, Perrier, Coco-Cola, Lays, Bulgari, Guerlain, Warka Beer, Castle Lite, Parmalat, and many more.