The Island of Arranmore, Ireland


Welcome to the Island of Arranmore, Ireland

Separated from the Donegal mainland by a 5km stretch of Atlantic Ocean, Arranmore is home to 469 people. It’s the county’s largest island and with a declining population, its future is under threat.

“There’s no better place to live than Arranmore, but we have been decimated by emigration.”

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Photographer; Antti Viitala

Photographerś Assistant; Nicholas Winter

Art director; Udi Ovadia

Creative Director; Kris Clarkin

Producer; Sarah Chadwick

Project Manager; Rupert Simmondsgooding

Business Director; Richie Taaffe

Senior Account Manager; Andrea Dalton-Doran

Account Executive; Rachel Campbell

Copywriter; Georgia Murphy

Senior Digital Strategist; Aoife Murphy

Head of Design; Barry Smith

Agency; Boys + Girls, Dublin, Ireland.

Client team at Three, Ireland;

Aislinn O’Connor,

Eilis Fitzgerald, 

Rachel Cunningham, 

Carol Doherty, 

Cian McDonagh

Special Thank you goes to;

Stephen Mc Creevy, Claire L Greenyer, Sebastian Dawczynski.

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